Jenna Yousefian, Master Aesthetician / Spa Manager

Jenna has struggled with skincare since she was a child. Severe debilitating Acne Breakouts on her face & body hindered her everyday functioning and confidence. After exploring treatments with multiple dermatologists and being unable to control and treat her acne adequately,  she took a personal interest in other options that were available. Jenna knew that good skin care and being able to treat it sufficiently would benefit not only her, but also her friends and family, allowing them to feel more self-confident, and build self-esteem. This energized Jenna to enroll in the Master Aesthetic program at Paroba College, where she focused her studies on the medical side of aesthetics.

Jenna’s main goal when becoming a Master Aesthetician was to help as many people as she could with their skin so they didn’t have to struggle as long as she did. Jenna is new to Auburn, Washington. She now performs procedures as a Master Aesthetician, as well as being the new Spa Manager.

When Jenna isn’t in the office she enjoys camping & spending quality time with her family.

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