Dr. John ConradDr. John Conrad has always been a caretaker. Inspired by his grandfather, he joined the military following high school because of his deep desire to help people and care for his country. After being stationed in Panama and sustaining a helicopter injury, Dr. Conrad left the military with a tremendous respect for field trauma surgeons and their ability to make a tangible difference. This led him to pursue a degree in medicine: if he couldn’t stop people from getting hurt, he wanted to help them get better.

Dr. Conrad finished his residency in New York City and promptly moved to Seattle, where he started his own private practice and opened a wound care center. Here he was able to hone his skills and began expanding his practice to incorporate cosmetic treatments.

While in residency, one of Dr Conrad’s mentors invited him to help a medical mission in the Philippines to help a town that was ravaged by a typhoon. This allowed him to start helping people internationally who were experiencing pain and trauma without the aid of modern day medicine. This motivated him to join a cosmetic clinic in Cambodia, started by a good friend of his, where they treat Cambodian starlets utilizing Western techniques. The work at this clinic allows the doctors to participate in a medical mission to treat the impoverished and retired military personnel living near the Cambodian and Thai border. Dr. Conrad continues this mission in the Philippines and Cambodia to this day.

Throughout all of his various endeavors, one thing has stayed consistent: Dr. Conrad cares deeply about making a difference for all of his patients. While the medical and cosmetic space may seem different, Dr. Conrad views the two practices as intertwined. Both spaces provide him the opportunity to make a direct, tangible impact, and to change the lives of those he treats. At the end of the day, it all comes back to Dr. Conrad’s passion for caretaking. He looks forward to helping and treating patients at Luma Med Spa in Auburn, Washington.

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